Observation Deck

ship deckWhen my wife and I go on a cruise, we like to spend a lot of time on the deck of the ship. We find a couple of chairs where we can read and relax. Occasionally, we will observe some interesting things from our vantage point on the deck.

Once we noticed that the spray from the wake of the ship was causing numerous mini-rainbows in the sunlight. Every few seconds, another flash of colorful light would catch our eye. As we watched the fascinating display below us, I was reminded of the fact that we followers of Jesus are the light of the world. We not only light the way in this dark world, we bless others by bringing out the color in life. We help people see the beauty of God as we shine for him.

Another time, the ocean spray was coming up on the deck in such volume that it made it impossible for us to stay there and read. Before we left, however, we felt the mist in our faces and tasted the salt on our lips. This made me think of how we are the salt of the earth. Christians permeate the culture and bring seasoning and flavor to lives that are hungry for God.

Salt and light—let’s keep on making a difference!

“You are the salt of the earth…You are the light of the world…”—Matthew 5:13-16.

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