Who’s Having Trouble?!

holding the doorAs I was exiting a public building this morning, I noticed an elderly lady having trouble getting inside. She was struggling with the heavy door, and appeared to be losing the battle. So I hurried forward to help her.

As I reached out to open the door for her she asked, “Are you having trouble?”

“What’s that?” I replied.

“Are you having trouble walking?”

I wasn’t having any trouble walking at all. I was merely reaching out to assist her.

“No”, I replied. “I’m fine.”

I had to smile inwardly as I thought about the irony of her comment. She was the one having trouble moving, but she thought it was me who was struggling!

That’s sort of like Elton John thinking that he understands Jesus better than Christians do. The famous singer/songwriter recently remarked that Jesus would accept homosexual marriage. Followers of Christ know that Elton is wrong—tragically wrong.

Don’t let any non-believer define Jesus. Jesus is perfectly capable of doing that himself.

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