Time to Slow Down

I just got home from the doctor’s office with 3 stitches in my head. I hit my head because I got in too much of a hurry. Hearing the phone ring in the bedroom, I rushed from the shower without drying off. Caller ID told me that it was a solicitor, so I didn’t take the call. However, returning to the bathroom, I slipped on the wet linoleum. I tried to break my fall with my arms, but my head hit the floor pretty hard. Therefore, a trip to the doctor was necessary to get sewed up. And it all happened because I got in a big hurry.

This reminds me of how Martha was so distracted by everything she thought she had to get done, that she neglected the most important thing—spending time with Jesus (Luke 10:38-42).

Maybe God was telling me that I need to slow down and spend some time with him. If I don’t finish everything on my “To Do” list today, or if I let the answering machine pick up sometimes, so what? Being with the Lord is far more important.

I hope the next time I need to be reminded of this, he doesn’t need to smack me up the side of my head!

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