Now That’s Coaching!

disciplineThe coach of our high school volleyball team brings her pre-school daughter to the games. Friends help keep an eye on the little girl while her mother coaches. This can be quite a task, because the young lady is very feisty and energetic.

At a recent game, the little girl, despite warnings from her mother and her babysitters, ran down on the floor while the players were warming up. Her mother saw what was happening and intervened. Swooping her daughter up in her arms, she marched out into the hallway of the school.

Several of us in the stands were watching with amusement. I turned around and commented to some of my friends, “I think some special coaching is about to take place!”

Many parents don’t understand the importance of disciplining their children. They, and their children, often pay a terribly high price for that lack of understanding.

“Discipline your son, and he will give you peace; he will bring delight to your soul.”—Proverbs 29:17.


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1 Response to Now That’s Coaching!

  1. doris thoroughman says:

    I think she needs a sitter & not depend on everyone else to take care of her child!

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