Different Perspective Indeed!

Kentucky Baptist ConventionThe Kentucky Baptist Convention voted overwhelmingly to sever ties with the Crescent Hill Baptist Church. The action was taken because of that congregation’s anti-biblical position on homosexual behavior. Crescent Hill’s pastor, Jason Crosby, has said that the church is open to performing same-sex marriages and ordaining homosexual members.

Greg Faulls, a leader among Kentucky Baptists, says, ”To give approval to what the Bible clearly states is sin is not only an offense to the Scripture, it is an unloving act toward sinners, an act that leaves them in danger of God’s judgment.”

Crosby proclaimed, “We are Bible-led, Kentucky Baptists to whom God has revealed a different perspective on (gay and lesbian) individuals to us, rather than to you…”

That’s a dangerous proposition! To claim that God can give a different perspective on this issue is preposterous! The Bible clearly and consistently forbids homosexual activity, and warns of God’s wrath on those who practice this behavior (1 Corinthians 6:9-11) and on those who approve of it (Romans 1, especially notice verse 32).

You may have a different perspective on moral issues, but please don’t blame God for your confusion!


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