The Captain

river boatBob Russell likes to tell the following story. I hope it blesses you.

An old, experienced fisherman was sitting on the bank of the Ohio River years ago, hoping for some action on the end of his line. A young boy he’d never seen came strolling up and attempted to strike up a conversation. Then a few minutes later, this lad began shouting and waving his arms frantically at a tugboat that was chugging up the river.

The old fisherman smiled condescendingly at the naïve boy. “Son, you are wasting your breath trying to get the attention of that boat. That captain has important business. He’s not stopping here for you.”

But the young boy ignored the stranger’s advice and kept waving and hollering. Oddly, the powerful tugboat came closer and closer until finally it stopped and the boy waded out into the water and jumped on board. As the boat steamed away, the boy called to the surprised fisherman, “Mister, my father is the captain of this boat and he’s just taking me to our home on the other side of the river.”

The ship of death makes some unexpected stops along the river of life. And death is serious business. The Bible says, “…People are destined to die once and after that to face judgment.” (Hebrews 9:27).

So when the ship of death stops for you, make sure the Heavenly Father is the captain of your life and He will just be taking you to your permanent home on the other side of the river.


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