A Little Help

A friend of mine recently told me about something interesting that happened to his father a few years ago. His father, who had been a minister for many years, was living in a retirement home. Always a bit of a stubborn man, this trait had become even more pronounced as a senior citizen. When he learned that he had just missed the bus that was taking some of the residents on a shopping trip, he decided that he would walk to the store. It was only a mile or so!

So off he went. Somewhere along the way, the old gentleman stumbled and went down to the ground. It wasn’t a hard fall, therefore he was not hurt. Still, a lady who was passing by stopped to help him. Each one seemed vaguely familiar to the other. After talking a bit, they discovered that they did know each other. The lady had once been a part of the youth group at a church where the minister had served. He was actually the person who had baptized her!

You could say it’s a small world.

Or you could say that we have a big God who brings people together for certain occasions, and sometimes brings them back together again after many years.

What a mighty God we serve!


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