I Noticed Your Limp

limpI recently injured my knee. It’s nothing serious, but I have been walking with a slight limp. When I pass people on the street who don’t know me, they might glance my way, but they generally don’t ask me what’s wrong. However, when I meet someone who does know me, they usually ask, “What’s the matter with you?” Only those who know me feel like they have earned the right to ask that kind of question.

The same principle holds true in our spiritual walk. Sometimes we don’t walk as strongly with the Lord as we usually do. Those who don’t know us well have not earned the right to intervene. However, those who are close to us do have that right—and perhaps the responsibility—to ask us why we are limping along.

“Why did you use language like that?” “Is there something wrong in your marriage?” “Why haven’t you been at the worship services lately?” “Are you sure that’s the image you want to project?”

These questions, and many others, are relevant ones to ask someone who has developed a limp in their walk with God.

“Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently…”—Galatians 6:1.


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