In God We Trust

In God We TrustPerhaps more than ever, men and women who serve as police officers work in a high-risk occupation. We should appreciate these public servants and pray for them often.

It is understandable that many people in law enforcement would turn to a higher power to keep them safe as they perform their duties. Several police departments across the nation have placed on their patrol cars decals that say—“In God We Trust”.

This doesn’t seem like a decision that should offend anyone. They aren’t even specifically endorsing Christianity over other religions, much less one denomination over another. Yet some are voicing their opposition to this practice, and are calling for it to end.

I don’t think the phrase “In God We Trust” should offend anyone. But we live in a culture that is becoming more and more godless. Even the mention of God is unacceptable to many. Some won’t be satisfied until God is removed from the public discussion altogether. Ironically, they are only fueling the debate!

How do you stand on the issue?

“Offer the sacrifices of the righteous and trust in the LORD.”—Psalm 4:5.


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