Building with the Word

joshua-24-15-bestMy wife and I are building a house out in the country. The roof is shingled, the windows and doors are in and the siding is now going up on the outside walls. It is now starting to look like the home that we had imagined.

We took a drive out to the house this evening. The workers had gone home, so we had the place to ourselves.

We were on a mission. We took a marker and wrote some Scripture references on the walls. These references will soon be hidden from view, but we will always know that they are there.

Some of the Scriptures had to do with home and family. Others referred to the Word of God. I wrote Proverbs 31 in my wife’s office, because that’s the kind of woman she is. John 3:16 is there. So is the Great Commission. Verses that explain that Jesus is the only way to salvation are included.

Hopefully, this Scripture project will remind us to always trust in God and to do our best to honor the Lord in the home that he has blessed us with.


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