War on Culture

culture-warsA proposed piece of legislation called the “Heartbeat Bill” awaits action in the Ohio Statehouse. The bill would ban abortions after the detection of the first heartbeat, which occurs just a few weeks after conception. Supporters of the bill are frustrated with the amount of time it is taking to see any progress. Other pro-life activists are concerned that passing the bill would hinder the overall efforts of the pro-life movement. Meanwhile, pro-abortion forces are threatening to sue if the bill becomes law.

It is disheartening to see how jaded our society has become. Do we really have to debate whether or not it is a good thing to protect the heartbeat of a tiny, defenseless human being?

Sadly, I guess so.

The pro-life movement is only one of several fronts upon which the culture war is being fought. One person said that it should actually be called “the war on culture”. That sounds about right.

Let’s all be at our battle stations.

“Finally be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.”—Ephesians 6:10-11.


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11 Responses to War on Culture

  1. War on drugs, War on terror and now War on culture. Why do Americans the need to wage war on so many fronts? The war on drugs and the war on terror. What was achieved? It made things much worse and condoned illegal, violations against human rights

    • What is meant with war on culture? The US consists of many people from many cultures. What happens is in fact that religion and state did intertwine that one religion, the Christians (conservative to ultra conservatives) does enforce their religious convictions to all it citizens Christians or not. This is a form of theocracy in my opinion and is against everything should represent. Like any war on… showed It will do so much more harm an hardly any good. The word war means that aggression oppression will be enforced by those waging war. Suppression, suffering, forced into illigialty with all its dangers for those that will be the target of those waging war.

    • jesustrek says:

      We must fight against evil. People from all cultures should stand against abortion. This is not just a Christian issue. Evil-doers wage war against people of all beliefs, and also against people who have no faith.

      • Evil has many faces. The face of hypocrisy, the face of ignorance, the face of arrogance, the face of pride, the face of prejudice. ik The face of good has only one face: The face of compassion. That face is lost in the self-righteousness of those that will throwing stones even when they aren’t without shortcomings of their own.

      • jesustrek says:

        All I am saying is that abortion is evil and we should stand against it. Do you disagree?

      • Why use words as war on culture and all that. You might be surprised to hear that I am pro-American myself. However that is my opinion and I have no right to enforce my believes on another person. I really don’t understand DE aggressiveness even fanatism of those that are against abortion. Killing personal of clinics, bombing, threatening patients, forcing abortion again into illegality with all the dangers attached to that. I find it even rather hypocrite that to prevent unwanted pregnancies, p.e. teens prevention proper sex-ed, anticonception etc.

      • jesustrek says:

        You continue to miss my point and avoid my question. We can’t have a good discussion if you aren’t paying attention to anything that I say.

      • I have to correct a word I have written. (my smartphone auto-fills words.)
        The word I want to correct is pro-American. What I did write and do mean is pro-life. It is important for the answer I have given.

      • jesustrek says:

        That clears up your position for me. Thank you. No one who is truly pro-life condones bombing abortion clinics and murdering abortionists. However, we can spread our beliefs about the sanctity of life peacefully. In fact, I think we have a moral obligation to do so. For some reason, you and I got off to a bad start in our communications. I apologize for any short-coming on my end. You seem to be a person who cares deeply about others. God Bless!

      • That war on culture annoyed me. It is a obstacle to have a reasonable discussion. I thought that I had to deal with a fanatic on the subject. I have to explain something about how we, the Dutch, view this subject. Our first goal is prevention. Unwanted pregnancies, STD, teen pregnancies. This is a heaved by proper served adopted to age group ofcourse. We find it important that the teens start to have sex only when the feel ready for it and in a serious relationship. Teens are viewed as young adults and are expected to act accordingly. In my opinion the focus of Americans is focused, figure of speech, when the damage is done. Instead on focusing on prevention. We have more respect for the personal responsibility but also the personal decision a woman makes me for or against an abortion. Whatever she decides she needs our support and compassion.

      • Sorry, again my smartphone has a mind of his own:
        Correct: This is achieved by proper sex-ed adopted to age group ofcourse.

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