After the Mountaintop Experience

serveJesus and some of his disciples were coming down from a mountain where they had just had an amazing experience. Jesus had been transfigured before their very eyes, and they had seen him in all of his spectacular glory (Matthew 17:1-13).

However, all magical moments must come to an end. As soon as they came down from the mountain, Jesus and his disciples were met by a man who requested help for his demon-possessed son. Jesus healed the boy and taught his followers an important lesson on faith.

What was true then is still true today—mountaintop experiences come to an end, and when they do, we find opportunities to serve and teach people in the valley below.

Easter Sunday was a mountaintop experience for many believers. With bigger crowds and a joyful theme, resurrection Sunday is a special time indeed. However, now that Easter is behind us, don’t be surprised by what comes next. Someone will need your help. You will have an opportunity to serve or to teach someone a spiritual truth.

While we cherish the mountaintop experiences, let us never forget that most of our Christian living consists of serving others in the valley.


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