That Dangerous Ark!

Ark EncounterThe Lexington Herald-Leader betrayed its liberal tendencies again yesterday. Their top story on the front page was about a letter sent by the Freedom From Religion Foundation to 1,000 school districts in 5 states. This letter warned educators about taking trips to see the Ark Encounter, the new amusement park in northern Kentucky which features a full-sized replica of Noah’s ark. The foundation fears that exposing children to such information would violate what they understand to be a constitutional separation between church and state.

Where do we begin to reply to such nonsense?

First of all, it is freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. No honest person could look at the writings and actions of our founding fathers and think that their intent was to shield people from all religious views.

Secondly, there is no such thing as separation of church and state, at least not the way it is proposed by some people today. Religion and government worked together in a positive way in our formative years as a nation, and we would do well to continue that precedent.

Finally, why is it so dangerous to expose children to the idea that the world was once decimated by a catastrophic flood? Several ancient cultures, from different places in the world, taught that there was once a world-wide flood that devastated the planet. Rather than dismiss these stories as legend, why not accept that they are true? The Bible teaches that the flood actually happened (Gen.6-9). Jesus believes that the flood literally occurred (Matt.24:36-39). The fossil evidence points to a world-wide catastrophic event that quickly killed and buried many kinds of creatures, preserving their remains for us to study.

Surely examining this evidence would not bring any harm to anyone, would it?

Not unless it pointed to a God that they hoped did not exist!

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