Different Reactions

Teddy BridgewaterMinnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has shown that he can win in the NFL. Bridgewater had made such strides recently that his team felt that their promising quarterback was ready to lead them to a deep playoff run this season. Those dreams took a huge hit yesterday when Bridgewater went down with a serious, non-contact knee injury. His knee was dislocated and he completely tore his ACL. Teddy is expected to be able to make a full recovery, but not without significant time recovering from this major injury.

When his Vikings teammates saw that the injury was so serious, they knew instantly that their season had just taken a drastic turn for the worse, and they felt for their quarterback as he lay on the turf in pain.

However, the Vikings players had greatly differing reactions to what had just transpired. Some hurled their helmets to the ground and shouted expletives. Others dropped to their knees and prayed.

It is interesting to see that such different reactions would occur in response to the same event. However, you see it all the time from other people in all kinds of situations. In times of distress, some will curse; some will pray.

It all depends on what is inside a person.

“But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them.”—Matthew 15:18.


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1 Response to Different Reactions

  1. John ocull says:

    This was a sad event, even tho only a sport injury, for Terry Bridgewater and the Vikings, He is my favorite NFL player and they are a team for which I cheer. …..the parallel to life is a good one, as each of us have the choice of how we react to the cards that fall our way. We can chose exasperation, attitude of defeat, or cry “foul” and claim unfairness………or we can claim the blessed assurance and inner joy that comes with God’s grace and promises. We can persevere in knowing that the hard times are only for a season, but the long term rewards have no end. Titus 3:7 reminds us that we are justified by His grace AND that we are heirs to the hope of eternal life. What a promise! What a hope!

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