Why He Failed

failureIn Matthew 25, Jesus tells a story about three servants who are entrusted by their master with huge amounts of money that they are to invest in order to gain a return. The first two servants doubled their master’s money and were praised and greatly rewarded for their efforts. The third, however, hid his money away and eventually gave it back to the master without any return for his investment. This servant received neither praise nor reward. He was harshly chastised and severely punished.

What led to the third servant’s failure?

First, he thought that easier was better. Putting money or talent or time to good use takes quite a bit of work, and he chose not to put forth the effort.

Second, he didn’t want to take a risk. He played it safe. However, life requires a certain amount of calculated risk if we ever want to succeed. To choose inaction is to choose failure.

Finally, the man was overcome by fear, and his fear rendered him useless. He was so scared of making a mistake that he became virtually paralyzed—incapable of doing anything positive for his master.

As we serve our Master, let us not take the easy way out, but decide that we will put in the effort it takes to succeed. Let us be willing to take the kind of risks that are necessary for us to live profitable lives. Finally, let us not be paralyzed by fear, but motivated by love.


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