Trouble in Paradise

Adam and Eve lived in paradise, and then they had to go and mess things up—not just for themselves, but for the whole human race. Not only did their sin get them kicked out of the Garden of Eden, it caused God to put a curse on the earth. Man’s work would become much more difficult, with thorns and thistles now coming up among the good plants. Everyone who has tried to farm or grow a garden has probably had some negative thoughts about Adam and Eve at one time or another!

This curse can be seen all over the earth. I heard about a man who travelled to Hawaii, and while he was there he played a round of golf. He hit a ball out of bounds, and when he went to look for it, he was surprised to find that it had gone into a thicket of thorns! Thorns! In Hawaii!

You can’t go anywhere without seeing the effect of sin. But God will reverse the curse someday, and Eden will be restored. Rev.22:3 says, “No longer will there be any curse…”

That gives us something to look forward to as we live in this fallen, troubled world.

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