Berry Blessed

I love berries. I have some type of berries with my cereal almost every day. It doesn’t matter what kind. I just love berries.

You can imagine how pleased I was to discover berries on our property when we moved into our new house last year. First I noticed the black raspberries. Then a few weeks later, the red raspberries began to ripen. After that, the blackberry season started. I picked a lot of berries last year, and still have quite a few in the freezer.

This year, the black raspberries are much more plentiful than last year. I have already picked an abundance of the flavorful fruit. The red raspberry crop that will soon follow appears to be a bumper crop as well.

I recently noticed that we also have mulberries on our property. So, within a short walk from my back door, we have four different types of tasty berries. It’s a good place for a berry lover to live.

In Jesus, our blessings are abundant, and they are available every day!

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”—Psalm 34:8.


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