Sweet Words

Psalm 19:10 says that the word of God is “sweeter than honey”. Just how sweet the Bible is depends on how much you hunger for it.

There was once a Christian man who not only had leprosy, he was also blind. He learned to read Braille so that he could read the Bible. However, his leprosy eventually took away his ability to feel the Braille with his fingers.

Not to be deterred, the man began reading his Braille Bible with his tongue. After a while his tongue became somewhat calloused. A doctor advised him to give up reading so that he could continue to enjoy the taste of food. He answered, “Food will nourish me, even if I can’t taste it; but if I give up reading the Bible, I will have nothing to nourish my soul.”

To this man, the word of God truly was “sweeter than honey”.

May it be so with us also!


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