Tale of Two Churches

As my wife and I drove to southwestern Kentucky to view the recent total eclipse of the sun, we passed a couple of churches that had totally different ideas about how they should respond to the throng of people flooding into their area to witness the event.

The first church decided to create a welcoming atmosphere. Signs invited people to park for free. People were encouraged to enjoy refreshments and fellowship as they waited to view the eclipse. Many took them up on their offer, tailgating in the church parking lot and setting up chairs and umbrellas on the grassy area of the property. People seemed happy and excited about having a safe place to watch the event.

Just a few miles down the road we saw a church that had taken a different approach. There were no signs to welcome visitors. As a matter of fact, their parking lot was roped off, denying entry to anyone who wanted to come in for any reason. That church’s campus was desolate. They did not seem to want any outsiders on their property.

Two different churches; two radically different approaches.

If your church had been in the area where the eclipse could be viewed in its totality, which approach would you have taken?

“Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity.”—Colossians 4:5.


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2 Responses to Tale of Two Churches

  1. Scott says:

    Good point. I think welcoming is good.

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