New Ways

I don’t put much stock in the predictions of Chinese fortune cookies, but I usually read mine to see what it says. At my most recent stop at a Chinese restaurant, my fortune cookie said, “You will be asked to step up to the plate in new ways.”

I hated to hear that. The ways that I am currently stepping up to the plate seem to be all I can handle most days! I am not sure that I am ready for any “new ways”, whatever that might entail.

Then I got to thinking about people in the Bible who embraced “new ways”. Moses traded shepherding sheep for shepherding people. Perfume-makers and goldsmiths became bricklayers for Nehemiah when the circumstances called for it. Some of the disciples switched from one type of fishing to another.

I suppose that if the Lord calls upon me to do some things differently, I had better step to the plate and take my best swing.

“…I am making everything new!…”—Revelation 21:5.


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