Sober Living

For some reason, April 20 has become a day when many people celebrate the use of marijuana. Those who enjoy participating in this particular vice make sure that they get together with some like-minded friends and smoke some of their favorite intoxicant.

Public opinion seems to be trending toward legalization of recreational use of marijuana. Continued attempts to ban it may not succeed any more than prohibition’s attempt to end alcohol consumption.

I suppose that those who prefer spending at least part of their lives in an altered state will always find a way to do so. However, the Bible consistently urges us to avoid drunkenness and pursue a clear-minded, sober life. This is not just good advice for people driving automobiles. It is necessary for those who want to take firm control of their lives to choose sobriety, thus avoiding the many painful mistakes made by those who have chosen not to live a sober life.

“The end of all things is near. Therefore be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray.”—1 Peter 4:7.


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