Give Me a Break!

A lady who worked in a huge office building took a break and walked down to the cafeteria. There she bought a cup of coffee and a Kit Kat candy bar. After finding an empty chair in the crowded cafeteria, she bent over to look for something in her purse. When she straightened back up, she found that a man had taken a seat across the table from her. He had a cup of coffee and a donut in front of him…and her Kit Kat bar in his mouth! He didn’t apologize or offer any explanation. He simply ate it.

She was shocked and irritated, but the lady said nothing. She drank her cup of coffee as quickly as she could, in a hurry to remove herself from this extremely awkward situation. However, the more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Finally, as she stood up to leave, she grabbed the remnant of the man’s donut and stuffed it in her mouth. Swallowing the donut, she exclaimed, “There! Now how does that feel?”

The lady marched back to her office, where she once again opened her purse. To her horror, there in her purse was her Kit Kat bar!

Let’s be careful we have our facts straight! And let us not rush to judgment too quickly!

“Do not accuse anyone for no reason—when they have done you no harm.”—Proverbs 3:30.

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