Proper Maintenance

I recently heard a man tell about an accident he had while working in his woodshop. He nearly lost two fingers while cutting a piece of wood on a table saw. After returning from his trip to the emergency room, he checked out his equipment and noticed that he had allowed his saw blade to become dull. He believes that had he kept the blade sharp, he would not have had the accident.

If we don’t stay sharp, bad things could happen to us. It is imperative that we do whatever it takes to “sharpen the saw”, so to speak. By eating properly and getting enough sleep and exercise, we can stay sharp physically. By continuing to learn, we can stay sharp mentally. Through worshiping and serving God, we can stay sharp spiritually. By properly interacting with our fellow humans, we can stay sharp socially and emotionally.

Let’s never underestimate the importance of trying to make each other better.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”—Proverbs 27:17.


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