Don’t Shoot!

On a recent road trip my attention was drawn to a couple of horses in a field. They were wearing bright orange vests. It had been deer season, and apparently the owner of the horses was concerned enough about their well-being that he thought it was necessary to put the vests on them so that no over-zealous hunter would mistake them for a deer! His concern is understandable, but I can’t help but feel more than a bit disappointed that this precaution was deemed necessary.

The New Testament often warns Christians not to hurt each other, and encourages us to treat one another with love and kindness. We would like to think that such exhortations would not be necessary, but when you consider how some Christians behave toward their brothers and sisters in Christ, I guess there is a need for such warnings.

“If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.”—Galatians 5:15


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