It Felt Real

Someone asked a golfer if he ever had a hole-in-one. He answered, “No, but I know what one feels like.” When asked to explain, he said, “I hit a ball on an unfamiliar course, and it rolled up toward the pin and suddenly disappeared. One of the caddies yelled, ‘It’s in the cup!’”

The golfer continued, “I jumped up and down and celebrated my first hole-in-one in more than 30 years of playing golf. But when we walked up to the green, we discovered it wasn’t in the cup after all. The ball had disappeared behind a small rise in the green and couldn’t be seen from the tee. I felt I had a hole-in-one, but really it wasn’t.”

Truth matters in golf. The man couldn’t write a “one” on his score card just because he felt so good about the shot. In fact, he missed the five-foot putt and had to record a three!

Truth matters in life. Some people feel like they are experiencing the best that life has to offer when they really aren’t. The best life comes through faith in Jesus. Any other feeling is simply not true.

“…I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”—John 10:10


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