Happy Times!

Randy Iery

“Rejoice with those who rejoice…”—Romans 12:15

A couple of days ago our local high school baseball team hosted a district rival for an important game. The pitchers for both teams were dominant, so the game stretched into extra innings with the score tied at nothing to nothing.

The home team got a couple of runners on base, and Randy Iery, the son of one of my friends, came to bat with two outs. Any kind of hit would win the game, and the batter would be the hero of the day. All the home team fans were cheering for his success.

Randy took a mighty swing at a fastball and sent a tremendous drive over the left-center field fence! A walk-off home run to end the game!

The fans went wild! The team celebrated like mad! Randy was interviewed by a local newspaper, which ran a nice article about his heroics in the next day’s edition.

Normally I go home shortly after the game ends, but this time I stayed to celebrate. I rejoiced with Randy’s dad. I hugged his mom. I waited until his interview was over and I shook hands with Randy and offered my congratulations to him. Why? Because that’s what you do. You rejoice with those who rejoice!


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