Stepping Up to the Plate

Noah Syndergaard

Last night New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard became the first pitcher in nearly 36 years to homer for the game’s only run and pitch a complete game. The last pitcher to accomplish this feat was the Dodgers’ Bob Welch on June 17, 1983.

Baseball teams don’t normally expect much offensive output from their pitchers, but sometimes they step up and contribute to the team’s effort in unexpected ways.

In the same way, in God’s kingdom sometimes people prove themselves able to help the cause in ways that are not expected. When Nehemiah and his fellow workers rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, we see that even goldsmiths and perfume-makers stepped outside the comfort zone of their normal occupations to join in the construction work (Nehemiah 3:8). So the next time you are asked to do something that is normally outside your area of expertise, think about it before you decline. God just might be wanting you to step up to the plate and do something spectacular!


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