Without Grumbling

A man decided to join a monastery that had a strict code of silence. Each monk was only allowed to speak once every five years, and then he was only allowed two words.

The monk worked hard for five years, never speaking a single word. At the end of the five years, the leader of the monastery said, “You have been here five years now. You are allowed to say two words.”

“Bed hard,” the monk replied.

He went back to work for another five years, once again never uttering a word. At the end of that time he was told once again that he was allowed to speak two words.

“Food bad,” he responded.

Back to work he went, resuming his silence. At the end of another five years he once again found himself called into the presence of the leader. Once again, he was given two words to speak.

“I quit!” he said.

“I’m not surprised,” the leader answered. “Ever since you got here you have done nothing but complain!”

“Do everything without grumbling…”—Philippians 2:14.


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