Kobe Bryant

The world is dealing with the shock of the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant. The retired Los Angeles Laker perished in a helicopter crash earlier today at the age of 41. Many people are deeply affected by the passing of this man who possessed a rare combination of amazing talent and an unsurpassed desire to excel at what he did. Tributes are pouring in from those who want to honor this man who had such a great passion for the game.

To open their NBA contest this afternoon, the Toronto Raptors and the San Antonio Spurs both deliberately took 24-second clock violations. This was a fitting tribute to Bryant, who wore the number 24 on his jersey for much of his career.

We Christians gather together each Sunday to pay tribute to someone that we admire, another man who died at a young age–Jesus, who willingly went to the cross to pay for our sins. In communion, we honor a man who has a great passion for all of humanity. Don’t miss your weekly opportunity to pay tribute to Jesus!

“On the first day of the week, we came together to break bread…”—Acts 20:7.


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