Rejoicing Together

“Rejoice with those who rejoice…”—Romans12:15.

A few weeks ago I was watching our local high school team play a home football game. I like to attend because some of our kids from church play, and I want to give them some encouragement.

At one point our quarterback dropped back to pass. He lofted a long throw down the left sideline that found its target. All of a sudden one of our receivers was streaking toward the end zone, and our fans erupted in excitement. It wasn’t until the public address announcer called out the names of the quarterback and the receiver that I realized that the player who caught the touchdown pass was one of our kids from church! That made the play all the more enjoyable for me.

I wanted to make a point of talking to the young man at church that Sunday, so that we could celebrate his touchdown. However, I didn’t see him until after the service had started. We didn’t have time to talk then, but I caught his eye and raised both of my hands high in the air, signaling a touchdown. That put a big grin on his face!

Sometimes we can rejoice with each other in big ways. At other times, just a small gesture can be much-appreciated. In any case, let’s celebrate each other’s victories as often as we can.

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