Fred VanVleet

NBA guard Fred VanVleet recently agreed to a new contract that will keep him a member of the Toronto Raptors. VanVleet has played a huge role in the Raptors’ recent success, which includes a march to the 2019 NBA championship. He was rewarded for his efforts by the contract offer, which is worth $85 million over four years.

VanVleet wasn’t always that highly appreciated. After playing his college ball at Wichita State, VanVleet did not hear his name called at the NBA draft. Not to be deterred, he worked hard to hone his skills, took advantage of an opportunity that came his way, and in the end was offered the largest contract ever extended to an undrafted player. It just goes to show that hard work and perseverance eventually reaps its rewards. Remember that the next time you are feeling under-appreciated.

“Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank.”—Proverbs 22:29.

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