Friends in High Places

Workers constructing power lines southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska detected a problem as they tightened a stretch of wire. After backtracking they discovered what the problem was. A full-grown bull moose was hanging by his antlers from the power lines 50 feet above the ground! Apparently the trophy-size moose got his antlers tangled in the low-hanging wires and was lifted up by the unsuspecting workers who were too far away to see what was happening. Once they discovered the problem the men quickly worked to lower the bull, who was still alive, back down to the ground.

Usually there is some kind of moral to the stories I share. I am having trouble deciding what lesson is to be learned here. Maybe you can help me choose the best conclusion?

Moral #1—Keep your nose (or antlers) out of other people’s business.

Moral #2—It’s good to have friends in high places.

Moral #3—No matter where you find yourself, take time to enjoy the view.

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