What They Presume

When I entered the ministry nearly 30 years ago, I knew that there would be some tough times. I understood that Christians sometimes (often?) squabble with each other. I thought that most of these battles would be over matters of opinion: color of the carpet, pews or chairs, what songs to sing, etc. However, the most serious issues that I have had to deal with in the church have been doctrinal issues, such as: baptism, church governance, holy living, and church discipline. The fact that doctrinal issues have caused more division than matters of opinion is mind-blowing.

I agree with biblical scholar, N.T. Wright, who said, “People often get upset when you teach them what is in the Bible rather than what they presume is in the Bible.”

Let’s not be presumptuous! Let’s be like the man who “took Jesus at his word.” (John 4:50). When we accept the Bible as it is we promote unity in the kingdom.

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