Be Careful What You Cancel

Cancel culture has claimed its latest victim—the late Dr. Seuss. It was recently announced that several books from the hugely popular author of children’s books will no longer be published. The reason given was that these books were racist. I watched a news story about this on one of the television networks and read an Associated Press story about it in the newspaper, but neither story convinced me that there was anything wrong about the books in question. The public response to the decision seems to be overwhelmingly in favor of the view that the politically correct crowd has seriously overstepped their bounds this time.

Cancel culture is nothing new. It’s been going on for centuries. In Jeremiah 36, we read about what king Jehoiakim did with a scroll containing the word of the Lord—he burned it. He found the words offensive, so he destroyed them. Jehoiakim would be punished for his mockery of God, and a new scroll was written to replace the one that had been destroyed. You can try to cancel out ideas that you don’t agree with, but you can’t do away with the truth.

It’s one thing to try to cancel a popular human author. But when you try to cancel out God, you are in for some big trouble!

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