Loyalty of the Architect

When it was built for an international exposition years ago, the structure was called monstrous by the citizens of the city, who demanded it be torn down as soon as the exposition was over.

Yet from the moment its architect first conceived it, he took pride in it and loyally defended it from those who wished to destroy it. He knew it was destined for greatness. Today it is one of the architectural wonders of the modern world and stands as the primary landmark of Paris, France. The architect, of course, was Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. His famous tower was built in 1889.

In the same way we are struck by Jesus’ loyalty to another structure—the church. The world considers the church a monstrous construction and they wish it would disappear. But Jesus says that he will build his church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Jesus, the architect of the church, defends his work, and he knows that the structure is destined for greatness when he returns.

“…I will build my church…”—Matthew 16:18.

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