Important Activity

The Bible uses several illustrations to point out the importance of bringing people to Jesus.

In Luke 15:3-7, Jesus tells a parable about a lost sheep. The shepherd leaves the rest of the flock in order to find the one that is lost. When he finds it, he calls his friends and neighbors to come and rejoice with him because the lost sheep has been found. Jesus says that there is rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents.

In Luke 5:1-11, Jesus performs a miracle in which the disciples are able, in one cast of the net, to catch enough fish to cause two boats to begin to sink. He then commissions them to “fish for people”.

In John 4:34-38, Jesus tells his disciples that the fields are “ripe for harvest”. Just as the crops become ready to be brought into the barn, people are ready to be brought into the kingdom of God.

All of these examples—finding lost sheep, fishing for people and harvesting a crop—require deliberate action on the part of those who would participate in evangelism. Those who want to be a part of bringing people to Jesus must make the decision to actively engage in the process.

Have you made that decision yet?

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