All Aboard!

Cruise ships often stop at different ports along the way and allow their passengers to disembark for shopping or sight-seeing. Passengers who leave the ship are told the exact time they must be back on board before the ship sets sail for its next destination. If the ship leaves without them, they must make their own travel arrangements to either meet the ship at the next port or make their way home. Sometimes the captain will give a few minutes grace period before leaving the port. Sometimes he doesn’t. My wife and I have watched with amusement as stragglers frantically hurry back to the ship before it is too late to get on board.

This reminds us of the need to be safely within the church when Jesus returns. The difference is, he never did announce the time of his second coming. He just says we need to be ready at all times.

Don’t miss your heavenly destination! Stay faithful to Jesus and be ready for his return!

“What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch!’”—Mark 13:37.

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