The Dinner Bell

For many years my grandmother, Alice Cox, lived with her uncle, Forrest Queen, in his farm house in rural Kentucky. Mama Cox taught school and took care of the household chores for her bachelor uncle. Uncle Forrest not only farmed, he owned and operated a general store that sold just about anything people needed. The store was only about 150 yards from his house.

I remember that during the summer months when she was out of school, Mama would fix lunch for Uncle Forrest every day. When lunch was ready, she would go out the back door and ring a bell to signal lunchtime. When Uncle Forrest heard the bell, he walked to the house for his noontime meal.

When it comes time for communion each Sunday, we don’t hear a literal bell ring, but we know that it is time for the Lord’s Supper. For centuries the church has gathered together on Sunday to participate in this wonderful celebration that reminds us of God’s great love that was shown to the world in his sacrifice of his only Son Jesus to pay for the sins of all mankind. When that time comes, let’s not miss our cue. Let’s “answer the bell” every time it rings!

“On the first day of the week we came together to break bread…”—Acts 20:7.

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