Questioning the Umpire

Andre Dawson

In 1991, major league baseball player Andre Dawson was called out looking by umpire Joe West. Dawson strongly disagreed with the call and was ejected from the game. The National League fined him $500 for this. Dawson paid the fine with a check and wrote in the memo line—“Donation for the blind.”

Jesus is the ultimate Umpire. And he is never wrong. His vision is perfect and his decision-making is flawless. Jesus never makes any mistakes. If he says that’s the way something is, he is right. Every. Single. Time.

Yet so many people question the calls that Jesus makes about: morality, worship, forgiveness, how we handle money and many other issues about how we should live our lives. How foolish it is to disagree with Jesus! How much better off we would be if we would always agree with him.

“…The man took Jesus at his word…”—John 4:50.

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