There is a small group of geese—too few to call a flock, I think—that take up residence at our neighbor’s pond every spring. They stay long enough to raise some goslings. It’s fun to watch the little ones make their first appearance and follow the adults around.

The pond is close to the road, so we try to be careful when we drive by. When the geese decide it’s time to cross the road, they cross the road.

The adults are very protective of the young ones. A couple of times when I drove by, a momma goose lowered her head in a threatening manner and took a few menacing steps in the direction of my car. You have to admire her bravery and her willingness to protect her young from any threat, real or imagined.

This is the attitude we need to have toward young Christians in our care. We need to be very protective of them.

“Love…always protects…”—1 Cor.13:6-7.

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