Lawn Care

In a few weeks I will wrap up the seventh summer of mowing the grass at the house that my wife and I built. My how time flies!

We moved into the house on a snowy day in February. There were some delays in the landscaping, so I didn’t get to level the ground and sow grass seed until late spring or early summer. Then it suddenly turned hot and dry, and the seed did not do well in the sandy soil. It seemed like I was mowing nothing but weeds and dust that first year. When the rains did come, it washed out gullies in parts of the yard. I spent a lot of time filling in ruts, working up soil, re-seeding and watering. Still there were few signs that my efforts were being rewarded. We had some people over one day in July. One boy, maybe five years old, looked at my lawn and offered this solemn, unsolicited proclamation: “This is a disaster!”

I continued to work on my disaster for the rest of the year. The next year the lawn finally appeared to be more green than brown. I continued to seed and fertilize and pull up weeds. Slowly but surely, I could see some progress. Year after year I have continued to tweak trouble spots and address any issues that came up. Now I have what might be called an average or above average stand of grass. It will never look like a golf course, but my yard is finally looking somewhat like I always imagined it could be.

That doesn’t mean that mean that my work is finished. I will continue to care for the grass the best way I know how and address any issues that may need attention. It will be an on-going effort to maintain a nice-looking lawn.

We might compare our spiritual life to growing a lawn. Perhaps at one time your soul was a dried up, desert-like wasteland. Others might have looked at your life and proclaimed—“This is a disaster!” And maybe they were right!

However, our current spiritual state can always be improved. Applying the seed of the Word of God to our lives will eventually reap results. The showers of the Lord’s blessings will fall on your life and cause you to be productive for the Lord. We always need to be pulling out the weeds that are the sins that creep into our lives. With careful cultivation and the help of the Lord, our lives can become everything that God envisioned for us.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”—Galatians 6:9.

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