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Winners and Losers

There has been much talk about the mix-up at the Academy Awards last Sunday evening. “La La Land” was announced as the winner of the best picture award. Many people affiliated with the movie came up on stage to receive … Continue reading

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I recently stayed in some accommodations where the faucet on one of the sinks worked the opposite of the way a faucet normally operates. Instead of turning it counterclockwise to turn on the water, you had to turn it clockwise. … Continue reading

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Why So Hateful?

Some people love to hate Tim Tebow. For some reason, the Heisman trophy winner and former NFL quarterback incurs the wrath of many. The venom they spew is vicious, and it comes for no apparent reason. Tebow was even harshly … Continue reading

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Standing Alone

Hall of Fame baseball pitcher Jim Bunning was known as a hard-nosed competitor in his playing days. He brought that same hardball attitude to Washington, D.C. when he was elected to represent Kentucky in the Senate. On many occasions, Bunning … Continue reading

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