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This Is Our Season

This time of year, atheists gleefully point out that some of the Christmas traditions that we cherish have a background in various pagan rituals. They think that they are belittling Christianity because non-Christians observed these traditions first. In fact, they … Continue reading

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Non-Believers’ Beliefs

For years, Daley Plaza in Chicago has hosted privately maintained Christmas and Hanukkah displays. Now there is another worldview represented there. Among the nativity scene and the menorah is a giant letter “A”, representing atheists and agnostics. I’m glad that … Continue reading

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Don’t Be a Fool!

You’ve probably heard the old story about a group of atheists who were trying to get their own holiday. Then someone pointed out to them that atheists already had a day—April Fools Day! Psalm 14:1 says, “The fool says in … Continue reading

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Does God Know?

Maybe you heard about the atheist parents who were trying to pass along their lack of faith to their young son. One night as they were tucking him into bed for the night, the young fellow asked, “Mommy and Daddy, … Continue reading

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Whose Day?

By now you probably know that today is April Fools’ Day. If you are just being reminded of that fact, perhaps I have spared you from a prank that someone who supposedly loves you is preparing to spring on you. … Continue reading

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