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Put Out the Welcome Mat

One of the main purposes of the church is to attract people to Jesus Christ. However, sometimes Christians don’t do a very good job of putting out the welcome mat. We use “churchy” words and phrases that make it seem … Continue reading

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Ready Now

A preacher once got a phone call from a lady in his church. She told him that her nephew was the victim of a burglary. While he was in bed at night, a thief broke into his house. Alarmed to … Continue reading

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Bump in the Road

6-year-old Nathan Woessner was playing on a massive sand dune in northern Indiana with his father and a friend last Friday. Suddenly, Nathan disappeared from sight. More than 3 hours later, rescuers pulled him from the sand. He showed no … Continue reading

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Special Days

Today’s date is unusual—10-11-12. Some people consider dates that form such a numeric sequence to be special days. They believe that there is some sort of significance to these days; that such dates will bring good fortune in some way. … Continue reading

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