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The Oxford English Dictionary recently added 197 new words that have become a part of our English vocabulary. One of those words is “YOLO”, which stands for “you only live once”. This phrase expresses the view that one should make … Continue reading

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Source of Energy

University of Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari tries to teach his young players the importance of playing hard at all times, not just when things are going well. He said, “…You can’t be energized because you made shots. You’ve … Continue reading

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A couple of years ago, our next-door neighbors’ one-year-old son was just learning to talk. One of his first words was “Look”. As he observed the world around him, he was fascinated by what he saw. He would excitedly point … Continue reading

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Get Excited!

Some friends of ours have a granddaughter who is excited that she is learning to read. She loves to show off her newly acquired skill by reading for the adults in her family. This little girl has learned that when you … Continue reading

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