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Comforting Visit

Philip Yancey relays this story about Beethoven, a man not known for his social grace. Because of his deafness, he found conversation difficult and humiliating. When he heard of the death of a friend’s son, Beethoven hurried to the house, … Continue reading

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All Choked Up

I have noticed that I seem to be getting more choked up at funerals than I once did. This could pose a problem, since I am often the preacher at funerals I attend! At first I thought that perhaps I … Continue reading

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Bad Day

  My wife had a difficult day in the kitchen last Friday. First, she got distracted and forgot about the chili she was cooking. By the time she remembered to check on it, it had boiled over and made a … Continue reading

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Love Each Other

“Henceforth there will be such a oneness between us that when one weeps the other will taste salt.”—Author Unknown. Love is a costly decision. When you decide to love someone, you willingly agree to share the heartaches that inevitably come … Continue reading

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