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A Spectacular Jailbreak

Acts 16 records a fantastic episode in the life of the apostle Paul. He and Silas had been falsely accused of committing some type of crime, when in fact all they had done was to minister in the name of … Continue reading

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Important Conversation

I recently found a quote that I think is worthy of sharing—“Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.”—Unknown. We don’t seem to have any trouble talking about the weather, or sports, or current events, etc. However, when it … Continue reading

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Two-Part Talk

A couple of themes stand out in the writings of the apostle Paul. First, he talks a great deal about Jesus. He is continually expounding on the crucified, yet risen, Christ. Paul’s most heartfelt desire is to make the gospel … Continue reading

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Prepared to Speak

On a recent episode of America’s Funniest Videos, there was a short clip of some children reciting memory work at church. After giving a short speech, each child was rewarded with some candy. One little boy stepped up to the … Continue reading

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