Is That Your Final Answer?

My friend Bob Iery invented a trivia game called Bluegrass Routes. The game is based on the players’ knowledge of bluegrass music.

My wife and I were telling some of our friends about this game. We pointed out that it was created for those who know something about bluegrass music, and that those who don’t know much about the subject would not do well at this game.

Karen interjected, “The only two answers I would know are Bill Monroe and Randy Skaggs.”

For those of you who listen to as much bluegrass music as my wife, what she meant to say was “Bill Monroe and Ricky Skaggs!

I don’t suppose anyone was ever harmed by their lack of knowledge about bluegrass music. However, the Bible says, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge…” (Hosea 4:6).

Many people who believe in God suffer great harm because they don’t know God’s important teachings about life. They pay the price physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually because they simply don’t know God’s truth about how to live their lives.

The Bible is much more than a collection of trivia facts that are fun to know. It is our manual for living. Those who ignore it do so at their own risk.

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