Comments from the Cage

A lady walked into a pet store, just to look around. A parrot called out to her, “Hey, lady!”

“What?” she responded.

“You sure are ugly!”

The indignant lady told the store owner what had happened and threatened to file a complaint with the authorities if something was not done. He assured her that this would never happen again. He lectured the parrot about his behavior and promised serious consequences if he ever committed this particular offense again. The owner apologized profusely to the lady and asked for her forgiveness. By this time she had calmed down, and she accepted his apology.

About a week later, the same lady came into the store again. As she was looking at the pets, a familiar voice came from behind her. It was the parrot again.

“Hey, lady!”

Red-faced, she whirled around and snarled, “WHAT!?”

“You know what!”

“…Always try to be kind to each other and to everyone else.”—1 Thessalonians 5:15.

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1 Response to Comments from the Cage

  1. John O'Cull says:

    funny!!!!!! hope your travels are going well….john

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