Electrically They Keep a Baseball Score

baseball scoreboardThings keep on changing, don’t they? Not everyone is pleased with this.

I’m reminded of the following story. A guest speaker at a church was introduced to the oldest member of the congregation, a feisty little old lady who had just celebrated her 100th birthday. The speaker remarked, “You must have witnessed a lot of changes in the church over the years.” “Yes”, she replied, “and I was against every single one of them!”

Whenever we bristle at the thought of change, we should remind ourselves of how often the word “new” appears in the book of Revelation. God promises to give his people a new name (2:17). There is the prediction of a new Jerusalem (3:12). Those in heaven sang a new song (5:9). We can look forward to a new heaven and a new earth (21:1). Finally, God proclaims, “…I am making everything new!” (21:5).

Not all change is from God. For example, moral law does not change with shifting human opinions. However, when God is doing something new, let’s embrace it as something that is good and needed—especially if he is trying to change us to be more like Jesus.

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